5 Things To Do This Summer

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Camaya Resort — Mariveles, Bataan

Since I’m from the Philippines, it’s the summer season already.  And I’m sure we all know that it’s vacation time, and we finally get to relax and relish our time with the company of our fellow humans. So here are 5 things to do to beat the heat during your Summer vacation!

1.  Spend some time with your family or friends. Due to the busy schedules that come to work or schooling, you spend less time with your relatives or friends. But Summer is definitely the time to catch up with them and just have fun. Throw a BBQ party or just a casual hang out, it will certainly cool your mind from the boring heat.

2. Go to the beach. The beach is certainly a go-to when it comes to Summer.  Swimming is always the answer when it comes to summertime.  Why not even obtain a tan or play some sports at the beach? That sounds very exciting to me.  Especially when the sun’s shining, but there are enough clouds to shade you from getting sunburnt.  A scoop or two of ice cream at the beach won’t hurt you too.

3. Exercise. Some people might see this as a negative thing to do this summer, but I assure you that working out is better than bumming out. I, for myself, can say that I am a very lazy person when it comes to exercise, but I have read that it hikes up your youthful glow by getting your heart rate up and the blood flowing. Exercise should be included in your regimen even if it’s not Summer, if it isn’t, now is the best time to start. Working out does not mean you have to perform 100 push ups, sit-ups or even planks. It just implies that you need to get up and do something active that you like, may it be walking, biking, running or even hula-hooping.  In the long run, not only will it make you feel better, but it will likewise make you look better.

4. Travel. Be a jet-setter and explore new spots. You want to travel to Europe or Asia? Then go there then. The experience of travelling is one of the world’s most kept treasures.  It is one you can keep with you for the rest of your lifetime.  You can even share it to your future families and acquaintances.  Nothing is better than seeing a beautiful place that you have never visited before.  Like that one time, I travelled to New York City, it was one of the best memories I keep with me.  The people, the illuminations and the vibe of the city, were all so overwhelming to me.  Easily, it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever created.  So go ahead, find your passport and book a ticket, who knows, you might even meet someone new that you could spend the rest of your life with.

5. Try something new and enjoy life. Summer is the best time to try something you have never done before. Always wanted to learn how to dance? Take some dancing lessons. Want to learn how to swim? Join a clinic or just proceed to your local city pool and practice! You can even try new food, from various cuisines, or just newly opened restaurants.  If you discover how to go out of your comfort zone, then it means that you are finally living the life. Something new can always open you to new doors. It is a change, but then again change is inevitable. Summertime is your time. Breathe in and own it.  Find yourself and simply enjoy the rest of your vacation.

The Indecisive Teen


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