Lazy Days

Hi everyone! Today I will be talking about my day at home. Everyone has those days wherein they just stay in and laze around. Okay, so let’s get to it! First off, I wake up and then I contemplate whether to stand up or just lay amongst my warm and cozy pink blanket. I’d have to stand up to continue writing this post then, HAHA. _DSC0898 I proceed to my table and eat my overnight oats, made by yours truly. This is the perfect breakfast idea for a lazy person. Quick and healthy, what more can you ask for?? (P.S. I made this last night)_DSC0903 After breakfast, I take a shower. So here are few of my bathroom favorites: _DSC0911 Now that I’m feeling fresh and clean, it’s time to pick an outfit and put on some makeup even if I’m just staying in. You can never go wrong with a winged eyeliner, it’s my absolute favorite. I honestly feel like I’m a superhero when I wear it. _DSC0916 _DSC0940 Okay,now that I’m ready to continue my day, I go to my dog, whose name is Cooper. _DSC0947 Then I do the thing anyone staying at home would do, use the laptop and go on the internet. Since it’s summer, my laptop is mostly just used for downloading movies and shows. I transfer the files after to my hard drive and plug it to my tv so I can watch it. _DSC0929_DSC0924 That basically sums up my lazy day at home. Wake up, eat, shower, internet, repeat. OH and pictures are also a must! _DSC0934I hope you guys liked this! Comment below and tell me how you spend your lazy days! x

The Indecisive Teen


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