5 Books I’d Recommend

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? If you ask me, i’m doing great! I have 2 more months of summer before college starts. So i’m doing the usual things one would do during summer, and as a teenager with an imaginative mind, I am currently in love with books. I always try to sneak in a read before I go to sleep, and that makes me really happy. Here are some books that I’ve enjoyed reading. I hope you get to read them too.

1. Anna and The French Kiss

Set in the city of love, this book will definitely make you fall in love with its characters. This debut novel by Stephanie Perkins is a must read. Not to mention, the author has written 2 more books that are connected with each other. You have to figure it out when you read it. 🙂

2. Eleanor & Park
lead_largeNow this young adult novel, written by Rainbow Rowell, is probably the most realistic book I’ve read. It does not dabble on the stereotypical “girl who thinks she’s not enough but is actually enough when you come to think of it” that falls in love with the stereotypical “cool guy from the block who’s an athlete and is a player” in hope that she’ll change him. No, this is not one of those books. John Green described this book perfectly and I quote him, “Eleanor & Park reminded me not just what it’s like to be young and in love with a girl, but also what it’s like to be young and in love with a book.” This book makes me believe in actual true love, when your love for another person is not just about his or her outside but also his or her inside.

3. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

To-All-the-Boys-Ive-Loved-BeforeOh Lara Jean, I can totally see myself in you, liking guys we don’t have a chance with. Oh boy! This book by Jenny Han made me realize that being with a real person would be much better than just fantasizing the person in my head. And as a One Direction fangirl, its a hard truth. This book teaches you to not be afraid and to take risks.

4. Shadow Falls Series


Okay so as you can see, its a full series of books. I just had to because this is one of my ultimate favorites. Before I read all the other romantic novels, I used to read fantasy-themed novels like the House of Night Series. Yes they had vampires in them, but it does not mean that I liked Twilight. Now that we got that cleared, this series by C.C. Hunter transported me into another life, one with more excitement and more life. Who doesn’t want to read about a girl with powers and two guys fighting for her love?

5. This Is What Happy Looks Like


I’m currently still reading this book but I thought that I should include it here. Why, you ask? Because this girl falls in love with someone she met online (And no they didn’t meet on a dating site or Tinder.) and it actually turns out that it was a rising teen superstar. So far, the book is funny and perfect because you get to read both of their sides when they actually meet in person. Thank you Jennifer E. Smith for blessing the world with this book.
The Indecisive Teen
I can’t express how happy I am when I read a book a like. Especially when it makes you feel giddy and just like you’re the main character of the book. I can’t thank enough one of my best friends who inspired me to start reading again. This post goes out to you. Hope you guys enjoyed this, comment down below what you’re favorite books are. Maybe we could start a book club, eh?


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