Spring/Summer Haul: Part 1

It’s here! The first part of my Spring/Summer Haul! I’ve been trying to get the courage to write this post ever since I got new clothes for school on August. I’m no expert on these hauls, so forgive me if I do something wrong. Basically, i’ll just do the classic things a blogger would put, what I bought and where I bought it from. Some of the clothes though are gifts but I decided to incude them here anyway. So let’s get to it.

_DSC1036Okay, so here I’ve got a “short-alls” from H&M. I bought it cause it’s currently a trend and i’ve wanted one for so long. Hopefully, i can buy overalls soon though. And then the next one is a dress I got from Mango. Actually, my mom picked this for me so I can  wear it to school. Then the next dress is from Blu Planet which I got from sister-in-law.
_DSC1039And now here are the tops! The white top from Mango that I got is SO cute, it may look basic but it looks great paired with a high waisted pants or skirt. Then i’ve got a cute aztec crop top from H&M given by my sister-in-law. I would pair it with my denim high waisted shorts which I will show in my part 2 of the haul. Then i got the other 3 tops from Mango as well because i’m stocking up on clothes appropriate for my new school’s dress code.

_DSC1043As you can see, I purchased a basic gray cardigan from Mango. I had one before but somehow I lost it, so now that I have new one, hopefully I don’t misplace it. And I finally own sweatpants. Those are from H&M and if you knew me well, I don’t wear sweatpants merely because I don’t own one, but now i’ve got two so YAY.

_DSC1040And lastly, here are the accessories. I am in love with my new sunnies from Sunnies! The case that comes with it is very cute as well. Mirrored sunglasses are big now on the scene so I was glad that they had one on stock. I also got a supposedly makeup bag from Mango, but I’m gonna use it as a lunch box for the incoming school year.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! Watch out for Part 2!
The Indecisive Teen
Comment your favorite item below or leave an idea on how to wear the items. x ’til next time 🙂


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