Expectations V.S. Reality: College

Hi guys! I know I haven’t posted in like over a month. I am so sorry, i’ve been busy with college and all that. But I finally have some free time to write this long-awaited post. YAY! This is based from real and current experience. HAHA. 🙂 I hope you guys like it!

  1. Dorming 
    Expectation: Okay so I thought that i’d be able to spend my whole college life in a dorm.
    Reality: But no, I am currently 1-2 hours away from my school (more if it’s traffic). GOOD NEWS is I’m going to condo near it in like a week or so!
  2. Allowance
    Expectation: Yay! Much love to parents for funding my food, my clothes and etc.
    Reality: Help! Me poor, pls share food.
  3. (Happy) Thursdays
    In my school, people have “Happy Thursdays” because we only have 4 days of school (Mon-Thurs).
    Expectation: Yes! More sleep. Yay, time to hang out with friends.
    Reality: I’m so tired and i want to sleep for like a week. #PE #stairs #drained
  4. Teachers
    Expectation: The professors don’t care, it’s college, you can be absent or late anytime you want.
    Reality: You can miss their classes but you’ll miss a lot on what to do and you’ll be behind like 100%.
  5. Friends
    Expectation: Personally I thought I wouldn’t make any from my block.
    Reality: I actually made friends so YAY! People are nice, as long as you’re nice too. But always be careful 😉
  6. Freshmen Year
    Expectation: This will be so fun. OMG!
    Reality: Can i go back to High School? Like please?

The Indecisive TeenThat was just a quick post for you guys to know that I am still alive. HAHA! But honestly, college is a really different environment but as long as you have the right mindset, loving friends, open mind and faith, you can do it ❤ I hope I can do it, here’s to the next 4-5 years HAHAHA! ’til next time xx


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