What Does It Mean To Be 18?

It has been 18 days, 432 hours, 25,920 minutes and 1,555,200 seconds since I turned 18. What does it really mean to be 18? I’m not really sure, but I think and hope that it’s these 18 things.
Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 10.12.30 AM

  1. Being 18 is another chance to do better after the 17 years worth of mistakes a person can make.
  2. Being 18 gives you a chance to take responsibility for all the things you’re doing.
  3. Being 18 is a stepping stone in becoming independent.
  4. Being 18 means you’re kind of an adult even if you don’t feel like it.
  5. Being 18 makes you realize the importance of respect for all kinds of people.
  6. Being 18 gives you the control to decide on what you want to with your life.
  7. Being 18 is another age where you will make mistakes but will learn from them.
  8. Being 18 can make you nostalgic on childhood memories.
  9. Being 18 and in college will make you reminisce about your High School classes.
  10. Being 18 means that you are legal and can get arrested. So one must be careful of his/her actions.
  11. Being 18 gives you the chance to say sorry to the people you’ve hurt.
  12. Being 18 makes you see what is really important in life. It’s the little things.
  13.  Being 18 will make you value your family and how time passes if you don’t appreciate them.
  14. Being 18 can be a year of love for family, friends or yourself.
  15. Being 18 might not be the best year of your life. There are ups and downs, but if you get through it, there are many more years to come.
  16. Being 18 makes a person feel like they aren’t perfect. But that’s okay, there will be people who think that you are.
  17. Being 18 is an age to love yourself first before loving others. It’s not vanity, it’s just appreciating who you are and being happy with who you’ve become.
  18. Being 18 is just another number, another year where you can live life to fullest. How you spend it is in your hands. You gotta make it count.

The Indecisive Teen

Hope you guys liked this post! ‘Til next time xx


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