2015: a lookback

2015alookbackHow did you spend 2015? Was it the best year you’ve ever had? What did you like most about it? For me, I enjoyed this year a whole lot. This blog post will be dedicated to the memories I’ve created in 2015 💝


January was the month of the first concert I attended that was actually located in an Arena. It was “The 1975”, I enjoyed their set so much. During the encore part, my phone suddenly died 😭 But I took it as an opportunity to just listen and feel the music while I closed my eyes. I can tell you that it was one of the most surreal and best feelings ever.


February came and we, the seniors, had our last prom. It was alright I guess, but what A better memory of that month was our field trip. I remember we visited an old nuclear plant which looked like we were on the set of “The Walking Dead”. We visited a historical place as well in the same area. It’s always interesting to learn about what happened in the past and being able to hear stories about it. We then went to a turtle reservoir where we set some baby turtles free into the ocean.


By March, the class of 2015 has finally graduated from High School. I thought it would feel like the ones I’ve seen in movies but it was pretty much like a normal day or end to another year. Nevertheless, we all had our own new paths to discover and grow from. But the best part of March was the One Direction concert. I finally got to see the guy who has that James Dean daydream look in his eye. It was a dream come true and i’ll never forget it ❤


For April up to the first half of August, it was our Summer break. Our universities have recently revised the academic calendar, that’s why we got a 5 month break. I spent the summer with my friends and family as I’ve written in a previous post. I think it’s safe to say that it was not a boring Summer for me. If you wanna know what else I did, click this link to read more about it.


June was really fun because me and my friends got to go to the first Youtube FanFest in Manila. Another dream that came true was to see some of my fave Youtubers, and I’m excited for the future FanFests to come.


And then came August 24, the first day of college. The first term in our school occured from August to December. I didn’t expect college to be how I am living in it today but it’s pretty fun. It was very stressful as well but I think that time management and having the initiative to learn will really helps a student to do well. I’m so happy that my hardwork paid off as to getting into the Dean’s List.<3


And now December, I’ve recently gone on a weekday getaway with a few friends in Tagaytay. We also watched a Christmas Lights Show in the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Christmas is just around the corner and so is the New Year.
2015 had a lot of ups and somewhat a few downs as it is coming to a close but I really enjoyed this year. If 2014 me would have known what I accomplished this year, she’d be so shocked but at the same time, so proud.

The Indecisive Teen
So here’s to another year of laughter, sadness, happiness, anxiety, food, friends and family! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! 💕
P.S. I will do my best to post from time to time even if I have school works to attend to, til next time xx


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